‘Rizzoli & Isles’ ‘Hometown Glory’ Recap: A Tough Loss and a Secret Revealed

Rizzoli & Isles season 3 continues with episode 9, “Hometown Glory.” It begins with a guy stepping on a vial before getting shot in his legs before he’s killed. Maura and Jane return from shopping to find Angela preparing to throw Lydia a baby shower. Jane argues she’s a stranger, but Angela says she needs help. Lydia walks in then, but before they can talk too long, Jane and Maura are called in.

Maura thinks they should tell Angela the truth, but what would they say? The victim is Shane, a friend of Frankie’s and a member of a boyband. Korsak wonders if he was in the area to get drugs, but Frankie insists he was clean after rehab. Jane sends him off to look for the gun. Maura finds cocaine, but is it related to why he was killed? It’s going to be a tough case for the Rizzolis.

The other Channel Street Boys did a webcast after their show, but Shane didn’t show up. That’s what happened to him when he was using. Their father, Ryan, was their manager, but he used them and they got him thrown in jail. He could have something to do with this. Jane finds Maura watching one of the band’s videos while examining Shane. Shane’s tox screen comes back negative. He hasn’t taken any in six months, so why was he there?

Jane finds Angela working, though she’s clearly upset, and Angela tells her Shane had a crush on her. She asks Jane to come to Lydia’s shower and leaves her to finish texting her. She uses the opportunity to set up a meeting, and she’s making Maura join her. Frost finds Shane’s keys and backstage pass in his car, and his phone’s in the trunk.

Frost is working on Shane’s cell, and his last text was to an unregistered phone. The phone’s high-tech, and it makes sense with the media hacking celebrity phones. Frost gets to work, but Shane programmed the phone to wipe clean if someone tried to access it. The information is gone. Frankie finally returns with the gun, which he found in a storm drain, and Jane sends him to the lab.

Lydia admits she doesn’t know if Jane’s father or Tommy is the father, but she wants to tell Angela. She meant to bump into her because she wants to learn from her. When she leaves for Lamaze class, Maura insists they take her. In the class, Lydia says it’s not important who the father is and doesn’t plan on getting tests done. Jane tells her she doesn’t want Angela to know, and Lydia agrees not to tell her.

Frost found Shane’s last text after going through all the concert footage: “I’m free. Let’s do it.” Jane wonders if he was meeting someone in one of the sleazy hotels in the area. There’s blood on the gun from improper handling. Frost calls and asks if Shane knew a Jamie, who checked herself into the hotel before the concert. They find her dead, and she’s Gia, a famous pop singer. It looks like an overdose, but Maura doesn’t want to leap to conclusions. Gia and Shane were part of the same rehab program and involved.

TK, a music manager, and his posse managed Gia and Shane’s band. He could’ve followed them since drug users wouldn’t make him money. He was at the motel. When Jane brings Lydia to the shower, she begins crying that her baby won’t have a father. Lydia says Frank dumped her when he found out it could be Tommy’s. Angela’s upset Jane and Maura knew and turns on Lydia. She can’t believe she came in and asked for help after what she did. Jane tells her she didn’t know how to tell her, but Angela says she’s nobody now after being his wife for years and walks out.

Jane and Maura bring Lydia to her mother, and she apologizes for causing trouble. Her mother says she rented out her room and she’ll have to share it. Maura doesn’t want to leave her, but Jane has to go. TK tells Korsak and Frost he talked to Gia and if she chose to do drugs, it was her life. He insists Shane was “[his] boy” and worth more to him alive. He lawyers up.

Shane donated to a bunch of charities even though he didn’t have much money. The band was about to get rich, and TK was going to be left behind. However, he’s ruled out since the results from the blood on the gun point to a white male. Ryan still looks good, but they only have a P.O. box. Jane calls him and pretends to be from an insurance company sending him a large check. When he goes to pick it up, they’re waiting. He insists he loved his sons and didn’t kill Shane. Jane argues that he loved the money. He says that she knows him, but that’s the point.

Maura discovered that Shane was taking anti-Malarial medications. He wasn’t planning to go to Europe with the band. He and Gia were running away together. The blood on the gun isn’t Ryan’s, but it’s a familial match. The killer is one of Shane’s brothers.

Frost looks into the program they used, and it was an old version. The “live” webcast wasn’t so live. Shane was quitting the band, and in the past, band’s sales have rocketed after a death. Ronan has a hunting license, so why was their blood? Only amateurs do what led to the blood where it was. They confront the brothers, who made a pact. Ronan encouraged Liam, who fired the fatal shot.

Angela’s moving out. She knows Frankie knew and they wanted to protect her, but she can’t have them think she’s pitiful. They reassure her she’s strong. She’s staying.

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