‘Rizzoli & Isles’ ‘Melt My Heart to Stone’ Recap: Twisted Love and a Surprise

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Rizzoli & Isles season 3 continues with episode 10, “Melt My Heart to Stone.” Someone’s sculpting—around a dead body. A boy notices the Venus de Milo statue bleeding outside a museum. Jane has put together a desk for Frankie, thinking he’ll get the promotion, but Cavanaugh announces that Riley’s been promoted to Homicide.

They welcome her onboard, but it’s awkward. At the crime scene, Maura tells Jane Angela’s knitting a baby blanket. She’s worried about Lydia’s baby’s future. Maura notes the body was kept in cold storage. The museum was updating its system, so there’s no camera footage.

Jane tries cheering Frankie up, saying he’ll get his turn. They get a surprise when Dennis shows up. He’s been promoting his book and invites Maura to his book signing. She escapes to autopsy.

There are track marks on their victim’s neck, and Jane has to refocus Maura on the case when she’s distracted because of Dennis. Frost found similar cases. They’re looking at a serial killer. He wants recognition. The other victims were prostitutes, and all were placed in areas with children.

Jane sends Frost and Frankie with Riley to the streets to look for an ID. Cavanaugh comments that Riley’s record is impressive, but there will never be another Jane Rizzoli. Maura identified the plaster as a type used in construction and found signs of torture. Their victim had a baby 30-40 years ago. Maura surprises Jane when she heads to the book signing.

Riley gets them an ID when she notices someone who looks old enough to have known their victim, whose real name is Rachel. Meanwhile, Jane and Maura watch Dennis speak, and after, he asks Maura to get coffee. Jane brings up their case, and as they’re leaving, they get word of another body, this one on a carousel. Their killer took out the cameras with a laser pointer. Jane’s reminded of Hoyt, and he did train apprentices.

The latest victim wasn’t refrigerated, just had a baby, and looks to be another junkie prostitute. Jane and Frost head to the streets to show her photo, and Rondo recognizes her. He calls over Kitty, who tells them about a guy who likes to choke girls and does construction work. Angela’s still knitting; she can’t walk away because the baby is innocent in all of this. They’re interrupted by a knock—Dennis. He explains that his parents have a strong marriage—they’re soulmates—and he was scared because he wants what they have and thinks he may find it with Maura.

The next day, Maura’s in a very good mood, but she tells Jane she didn’t sleep with Dennis. They’ve picked up Todd, their suspect, and Jane forces Maura to observe him. Todd’s angry he was arrested and they took his truck. Jane puts the victims’ photos in front of him, but he says he doesn’t look at the hookers’ faces. He has a back problem, so he’s not cutting up hookers. Maura advises Jane to ask about his nickname (Bear), and he says it’s from his childhood. They’re charging him with assault of a deadly weapon after he threw a trowel at officers.

Jane finds a letter from the killer on her desk addressed to “Boss” and warning against giving the wrong guy credit. There’s another body at a zoo. A St. Paul detective with a similar case emails Frost about a Frederick Stone, who shared a cell with Hoyt. Their latest victim doesn’t seem to have fought back, but there’s cocaine in her system. That would make her agitated; was she given a sedative?

There’s nothing on the letter to give them a clue. They need to figure out how long Rachel was in storage. Jane wonders if Frederick killed Rachel, put her in storage, then went on a killing spree. She’s called away by Angela and finds Lydia in labor downstairs. Frankie tells her she sent away paramedics already. Frankie calls Tommy in, and he’s surprised to see Lydia, who says it was a false alarm. Tommy finds out he may be the father. So what now? Lydia’s going to turn over a new leaf. Tommy’s going to wear condoms. Jane goes back to work.

Maura’s surprised when Dennis walks into autopsy. He came there to relive the highest and lowest parts of his year on his birthday. It’s where he had been declared dead. He wants to celebrate his birthday with her, and she suggests dinner. All the victims had children. Their killer resents mothers. Since they’re in statues of Venus de Milo, in their killer’s mind, she’s a “crazy mixed-up symbol of love and eroticism.”

Dennis leads Maura into his place, and she notices his private elevator, which is being repaired. His mother called to remind him of how old he is (36). He says he couldn’t ask for a better mother. Frederick’s been arrested and can’t be their killer. Rachel’s son would be 36. He was taken away because she abused him. Jane’s called downstairs, where Lydia’s in labor. As they head to the hospital, Jane returns to the case and finds out Maura’s with Dennis. Jane notes the drug in the victim’s system—it’s the same one Dennis nearly died from. When she smashes open the hand he sculpted for Maura, it’s a real hand. Dennis is their killer.

Dennis takes Maura hostage when the police burst in. He was planning to make her his next creation. He drags her to the elevator. He took their hands so she couldn’t hurt her anymore and left them where he wanted to go with his mother. He lets Maura go before falling back to his death. Later at home, the doorbell rings, and Jane comes back with Lydia’s baby. She left him on their doorstep.

What did you think of the Rizzoli & Isles summer finale, 310, “Melt My Heart to Stone”?

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