‘Rizzoli & Isles’ ‘Money Maker’ Recap: Unmasking the Truth

Rizzoli & Isles season 3 continues with episode 6, “Money Maker.” A masked man and woman exchange code. She’s been instructed what to do, and she injects him with something. He begins shaking.

Jane notices that Angela’s pretty dressed up for work in the morning. Maura’s nervous when Hope calls to have dinner and invites her—and her daughter—over. However, when she hangs up, she begins worrying. They have to head to a crime scene, and Jane tells her to get Angela to cook for her. At the crime scene, they have to deal with a pushy real estate agent, but they have (at least part of) a murder on their hands: an ear and a blood trail. Neal Murray’s car is parked there, and Georgette says she’s doesn’t know him. Jane stops trash pick-up just in time because Neal’s body is in one of the containers.

Jane notices something on the cloak he was wearing. There’s also a blonde hair in the Rhodium pin on it. Maura reports he experienced a cardiac event and she found needle marks in his penis as part of injection therapy for erectile dysfunction. Neal co-owned an investment company with Dale, and two of their clients are Doug (who went to school with them) and his wife Lori. Dale tells Jane and Frost that Neal was a big people person and very important to the company. He doesn’t think an investor was unhappy with him and has no idea about the cloak and mask.

Hope and Kaylen show up to dinner early, and of course Maura’s nervous. She spots the drawing of Hope just in time and has Jane hide it. Dinner is awkward, and Kaylen obviously doesn’t want to be there or in Boston. While Hope’s in the bathroom, Jane tries talking to Kaylen, who decides to leave. Hope follows her.

The next day at work, Maura reports that there’s no sign of erectile dysfunction medication in Neal’s tox screen. Hope stops by to apologize for Kaylen’s behavior and explains she contracted a bacterial infection while she was doing relief work in Africa. Kaylen needs a kidney transplant, but Hope’s not a match. One of Neal’s clients is Lamar Jones, a rapper, whose music Frost and Frankie dance to until Winifred stops them.

Maura thinks she and Kaylen are a match, but Jane tells her she can’t give her a kidney. She hasn’t even told Hope who she really is. Maura’s planning on donating anonymously. She says that telling Hope who she is makes her a reminder of her tragic past.

At first Lamar claims to not know Neal, but he then admits Neal was his moneyman. He took him out for a spin, and Neal had chest pains. Lamar said he’d take him to the hospital for his money, and Neal gave him the money out of his own pocket, telling him not to tell Dale. When they bring Dale in, he says he makes money for his clients by locking the money in for a set period. That’s all he’ll say, and they notice he has the same keychain Neal did. In the keychain is a flash drive, which leads to the website, 10 Precious Metals. Neal was running an underground sex club, and all the parties were in vacant homes with Georgette on the listing. However, Georgette is really a former prostitute, Candy Smith.

Hope stops by to see Maura again and talk about how she feels like she’s lost Kaylen and failed twice to protect a daughter. Maura tries to reassure her that’s not true. Hope tells her Mass General called with an anonymous kidney daughter. She’s afraid she lost her daughter already, but Maura says she hasn’t. Hope tells her she’s been kind—”the kindest of strangers.”

Jane and Korsak confront Georgette, and she admits to knowing Neal but says she doesn’t know what he was doing in the house and they don’t have anything. Georgette leaves for lunch. Maura and Jane sit down in the restaurant, and Maura tells her potassium chloride was injected into Neal’s penis. They follow Georgette into the bathroom, and she says she didn’t kill Neal. She says she doesn’t know who was with him when he died and doesn’t do any background checks. Jane tells her she’ll provide the same girls at that night’s party so they can find the one responsible. Maura asks for one of Georgette’s hairs and later tests it. It’s not hers. Maura’s going to go along to the party so she can examine each girl’s hair, and she’s excited.

At the party, Jane sees Doug, who’s a high school coach, not with his wife. How can he afford to hang out there? One of the girls sees Maura and asks how she got in there. Jane takes her hair before she stumbles out, and Maura tests it. She’s not the one. Jane heads back out, but hears a scream when she runs outside, she sees Georgette dead in the pool. She was pushed in. It’s murder.

The substance on Neal’s cloak is gel used in food service. They’re looking at one of the catering service. Jane notices a second print on Georgette’s ring. Someone else tried it on. Doug was embezzling, and Lori knew he was having an affair with Georgette. She blames him for not being able to let go of his school friends and being with Georgette.

Kaylen stops by Maura’s. She knows who she is. Kaylen says she was never enough for Hope. Kaylen doesn’t want Maura’s help—or kidney. Hope joins them, and Maura tells her the truth. Hope stops her and says she doesn’t know who she is or what she wants, but she’s had enough and leaves. Maura didn’t think it would go that way. Jane says she’s just in shock. Maura decides she’s done crying and insulted Kaylen rejected her kidney.

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