‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Season 2 Winter Finale Recap: Burning Down the House

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As much as the viewers expected an impressive Rizzoli & Isles winter finale, Maura’s reaction at the very end was shocking! Especially, since Jane contributed to the circumstances that prompted such reaction.

First things first, though. Billy Burke returns as Agent Gabriel Dean trying to rekindle his relationship with Jane. Despite her romance with Casey, who was Jane’s morale support–much more than Dean–despite being overseas, she ends up sleeping with Gabriel.

Meanwhile, a fire fighter dies in a warehouse fire that needs to be determined whether it was an accident or not. Jane and the team start the investigation.

Constance (Jacqueline Bissett) and Maura (Sasha Alexander) – Photo: TNT/Doug Hyun

At home, Maura is happy for her mother’s visit. Constance Isles (Jacqueline Bissett), who reprimands herself for years of not spending enough time with her daughter, is hit by a car while trying to protect Maura. The medical examiner is devastated and the first person she calls is, obviously, Jane. It’s heart wrenching to see the usually calm and composed doctor so sad, helpless and vulnerable. Constance is badly injured and is rushed at the hospital for emergency surgery.

The investigation reveals major evidence. The car that hit Constance was aiming at Maura instead, because she came too close to exposing a series of arsons. While Maura is at the hospital, she is taken by surprise when Paddy Doyle (John Doman) shows up. Supposedly, he was there to make sure Constance would be fine. During the intense exchange with his daughter he offers to tell her who her biological mother is but Maura says Constance is her real mother. He then promises to tell her when she will not be this upset.

Jane tells Gabriel that Doyle is back, but asks him to step back and not get involved yet and he agrees. When Maura sets up the fire fighter who caused the blaze and is followed by him to the burned-down warehouse, Jane and Frost are already there to have her back. And so is Dean, who apparently didn’t keep his promise to Jane.

As the fire fighter tries to shoot Maura, Doyle shoots him first. Then both Dean and Jane shoot Doyle. As if being near of losing the woman who raised her wasn’t overwhelming enough, Maura is now devastated by the prospect of losing her father. Screwed up or not, Doyle is still her biological father, the only one who could tell her who her birth mother is.

Jane goes near Maura and Doyle, but Maura rejects her furiously.

Would Doyle live enough to tell Maura the secret he’s been keeping for so long? Can Maura forgive Jane for what happened with her father at the warehouse? How is this going to affect the dynamic of the inseparable duo Rizzoli & Isles?

All these questions are waiting to be answered in Season 3. But there is a long way until next summer when the new season will launch on TNT.

Till then, a big thank you to the show’s creator and Executive Producer Janet Tamaro and the main cast, Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Lorraine Bracco, Bruce McGill and Lee Thompson Young for another brilliant season!

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