‘Rizzoli & Isles’ ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ Recap: Secrets and Dirty Cops

Rizzoli & Isles season 3 premieres with “What Doesn’t Kill You.” Paddy’s on his way to the hospital. While Jane tries to defend herself to Maura, Maura’s angry she shot Doyle and Dean was there. She insists Paddy was just there to protect her.

A flashback shows Jane prepping Maura before she went in. Though they joked about their clothes, Jane warned Maura it was serious and they’d be there. Maura told her not to worry. Cavanaugh warns Jane that IAD will be talking to her. The shooting hits the news, and while an officer, Wally, is discussing it with a convenience store walker, someone walks in and shoots them.

Connors and Cliff from IAD want to know not only about Paddy, but also about Jane and Dean. Connors knows about them. Korsak pulls Jane out to cover the store shooting. On their way out, they run into Dean, and Jane’s not happy he told IA about them or with his actions. Though the crime scene does look like a robbery, some things don’t add up. The register isn’t open, and the victims were shot in the back. Security footage shows the shooter couldn’t get any cash from the register and left.

Angela stops by to check on Maura, who talks to her about her reaction and mentions that Paddy kept saying Hope. She wonders if she’s her biological mother. After learning that she has to make a decision about a DNR, she sends Angela away, insisting she’ll be fine and she’s used to being alone. When Jane shows up at the hospital, Maura begins apologizing, but she doesn’t get one in return like she expected. Jane’s there to warn her that Connors is on their way up. He forces her to leave. They’re ordered not to talk until the investigation is over. IAD follows Maura into Paddy’s room. They want to know about a book that has the names of dirty cops inside. That could clear Jane.

Angela tries to cheer Jane up by getting her to say three nice things. It doesn’t work. Getting her to talk about how she and Maura met—she was undercover as a hooker and Maura offered to pay for her coffee and donut, along with suggestions for a better meal—does make her laugh though. That stops when Maura comes home and points out Jane shouldn’t be there. It ends with Jane making Angela choose, and Angela going to get her things. Maura gives her a drawing she liked.

In the morning, Jane finds Angela in her bed since the couch is uncomfortable and Frankie in the kitchen for breakfast. Dean shows up with flowers, but Jane’s not exactly receptive. As she goes to leave for work, Dean stops her to tell her they had a wiretap on Paddy. They know he has people on the inside, and someone’s moving in. He thinks Jane’s being set up.

Cavanaugh’s still worried about IAD since some can used this as grounds for appeal. He tells Frost and Korsak about Paddy falling in love with a Harvard girl. His father threatened them. Frost joins Jane and Pike in autopsy, and like at the crime scene, it takes Jane complimenting him for them to get the bullet faster. She sends Frost off with it while she joins Maura, who asks if Pike sat in her chair. He walks in during their argument, which goes from books to insults to fathers, and though Cavanaugh tries to stop it, Connors shows up. Jane’s transferred to evidence management (where Wally worked). Maura resigns.

Maura finds her house ransacked. Someone was looking for something. They need the book because Paddy will never testify, and the names in that book range from cops to judges. Korsak tells Maura that Jane didn’t know Dean would be there. She points out she’s the daughter of a mobster and they’re all under investigation for trying to protect her.

Frost joins Jane when she goes to test fire guns in evidence, and she finds a bullet that matches the one in Wally. They have the gun that killed him, and the killer is someone in BPD. Cavanaugh already knew that, which is why he sent her there. At Wally’s house, they find a display of guns, cash, and a photo of him as a kid with Paddy. They herd Paddy was about to make a big score before he got hit—and it looks like it was seized guns.

They go looking for the guns, and Jane finds Cliff’s body in one of the drums. Connors tells them to seal it up and put the gun back until they find out who’s behind it. But where are the guns? They’re in Paddy’s boxes, and in one, Jane finds surveillance photos of Paddy and the Harvard girl. One matches the drawing Maura gave Angela. Jane takes the photo and drawing to the hospital, and Constance identifies her as Maura’s mother. Paddy drew it and showed up months later with a baby, claiming her mother died during childbirth. They used to meet at the cemetery, where they were safe from his father.

Paddy had told everyone Maura and her mother died, and that included putting up a grave for Maura. Jane finds the book buried at the base of it. She shows it to Connors in Paddy’s hospital room, along with a photo that proves he’s the dirty cop (unsurprisingly). He pins her to the wall, with his gun on her, but she’s not worried since she took the firing pins out of the guns. While Korsak and Frost lead him out, Cavanaugh gives Jane back her. Maura asks Paddy if he would’ve shot Jane. He says she’s a cop.

Jane brings Maura to her grave, and though Maura tells her to go, she also tells her to tell Pike she wants her chair back.

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