Roadtrip Part 5: The Hike to Roughlock Falls

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We parked the car and headed down the hiking trial to Roughlock Falls.  A mile didn't seem too long.  But…  It was hot and it was uphill.  The hike was spectacular though.  Through a cool wooded area, we hiked surrounded by nature.


 Through the trees we could see portions of Spearfish Canyon.




Along one side of the trail was steep, rugged forests, along the other, a stream and areas of wetlands.



I love the paper white birches.




Scattered throughout the forest are interesting rock formations. 


After a mile of hiking, the falls come into view.





Looking the other direction shows equally spectacular views.

Crossing the footbridge, you can climb to the top of the falls on the other side. 


Here we find other visitors, though there wasn't anyone on the hiking path.  We find that you can DRIVE to the top of the falls and forego the entire one mile hike.  Well, the hike was worth it, but now we have to hike back, with the only reward being the interior of a hot car and this view.


Hot and tired, but inspired, we head back and leave the canyon to take the scenic route to Mount Rushmore.

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