Roast and mushroom potatoes

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Homemade roast and mushroom potatoes.



1lb roast – $5

1 large can cream of mushroom soup- $1

1 can mushrooms – 50cents

Mashed potatoes- $1 for box of instant

Total – $7.50

Prices WILL vary depending on location, brand, and sales.


How to prepare-

Place roast with about a cup of water in a crock pot on high. Cook three hours, turn, cook two hours. Add cream of mushroom soup(no water) and can of mushrooms(drained). Can also add some salt if you want. Cook another hour, stir the sauce. Your roast is most likely done now (check w/ meat thermometer), you can continue cooking until you reach desired tenderness. Stir the sauce every hour or so until roast is at desired tenderness. When you are ready to eat, place the majority of the sauce in a large bowl. Stir in instant potato flakes until all are dissolved and you have a thick sauce resembling the consistency of mashed potatoes. Serve roast and with your mushroom potatoes on the side. Pour any remaining mushroom sauce over individual portions. ENJOY!!!

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