Rob Belushi Carries On Family Tradition on TV

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The Belushi name conjures up images of Saturday Night Live and improv comedy. But this is Rob Belushi, son of Jim and nephew of John, and he is starring in “The Joe Schmo Show” on Spike TV.

At 32, Belushi comes out of the same improv tradition as his famous father and even more famous uncle, and he performs improv on “The Joe Schno Show.” But, he says in an interview at the AP website, “I am not my uncle or my father. That is pretty clear to see upon meeting me.”

Maybe not, but the DNA for improv seems pretty dominant in the family.

Belushi, like his uncle and father, grew up in Chicago but moved to Los Angeles for high school. It wasn’t until college that he got interested in acting, however. When he decided to follow the family tradition, he moved back to Chicago.

“I moved to Chicago so that I could do it well and not just be some jerk with an unearned last name,” he says in the article. He paid his dues working as a waiter and a nanny waiting for his career to take off.

Rob Belushi was only a baby when his famous uncle died from the excesses of his lifestyle. Let’s hope this Belushi can achieve his father’s success and avoid his uncle’s mistakes.

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