Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora Finally Take Romance Public on Twitter: Just Like Kim Kardashian!

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Rob Kardashian may finally be keeping up with his older sister, Kim Kardashian—at least when it comes to a career in the high-profile (and high stakes) dating scene. The brother Kardashian is finally cashing in on his romance with British pop star, Rita Ora, and he’s tweeting all about it. Hmm… it seems he may have borrowed a new affinity for kissing and telling on the Twitterverse from his big sis, too.

In a rather uncharacteristic move, Rob recently waxed romantic and posted a loved-up photo of himself and Ora on his Twitter page. Wearing a sultry grin, polished in a thick schmear of true red lipstick, and a sexy cat eye, Ora looks every bit the edgy-seductive singing star that she is. As for the L.A. Dodgers baseball cap wearing Rob, he seems positively captivated by his girl, as he plants a smooch on her cheek.

File:Rita Ora at Perez Hilton One Night In LA.jpgAs if that romantic pic wasn’t enough, there’s another one that Rob Kardashian’s flaunting around to further cement their togetherness, after many denials from the pair of them. This time, the photo is in artsy black and white, and it shows the happy couple enthralled in each other as they sit on a pavement curb. What’s more, both are rocking backwards baseball caps meaning their fashion compatibility is on point.

As in the closet case of Kim Kardashian and her man of the moment, rapper Kanye West, Rob and Rita (Robrita) seem to have caught the wardrobe matching bug. And, Rob also apparently shares Kim’s new affinity for the music star type after her relatively long-lived obsession with the more sports-inclined studs.

Ora, a trendsetting, boundaries-pushing firecracker sometimes likened to the provocative, trilling temptress who is Rihanna, may seem like a bold and brash catch for the more low-key, under-the-radar Rob. But, apparently, the English songbird and the Armenian-American reality star are a perfect match made in Hollywood—at least for now.

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