Rob Kardashian Bashes Miss USA Contestants in Tasteless Comment: What Would His Sisters Think?

Rob Kardashian, a judge on last night’s Miss USA Pageant, bashed the beautiful contestants in a rather tasteless backhanded compliment that got some boos and groans from the crowd. During the show, commentator Kelly Osbourne asked Rob if there was a “future Mrs. Kardashian” up on the stage. He responded: “I mean, there’s [sic] plenty of beautiful women, but that’s like…it’s just so much hair and makeup, it’s a little too intense for me.” Osbourne retorted, “You’re a Kardashian, Rob!” referencing, of course, all the ladies in his family who are nothing but hair and makeup. That’s part of it all. One wonders what his sisters, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim thought of his comments.

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The contestants, in typical pageant fashion, maintained fixed smiles while they listened to the comment and still managed to appear gracious, even if they were seething on the inside. Although Rob Kardashian has a point, he was stating the obvious (that didn’t need to be stated). It’s the Miss USA pageant, and the women are on stage, and national television–of course they’re going to have over-the-top hair, makeup, and sparkly gowns. His comment was pretty harmless, but still unnecessary.

Rob also got to ask Miss Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo, the winning question, which was posted by fans on Twitter: Whether or not she thought it would be fair if a transgender woman won the Miss USA crown over a ‘natural-born woman.’ Culpo said that overall she supported transgender women competing in the pageants, which ultimately earned her the title of Miss USA 2012.

Theo Von of Yahoo! news cracked: “Come on, Rob. There’s gotta be one woman on stage you’d marry. You’re a Kardashian, it’s only for 72 days!” Do you think Rob Kardashian’s comment about the ladies was too harsh?

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