Rob Kardashian: Disqualified from ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

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Although Rob Kardashian is not known for creating controversy, his sister Kim is not new to the whole concept. And her controversial actions on Monday have people seriously pissed off in the land of reality television, including her own fans. So what did she do?

During Dancing with the Stars where her brother Rob is currently a contestant, she tweeted to her fans that Justin Bieber was currently taking calls and added a phone number. But the phone number did not belong to Bieber; rather, it was the number that people had to call to vote for Rob to stay in the dancing competition.

Kim’s fans lashed out, calling her lame. But Rob Kardashian’s fellow contestants are perhaps those who are angriest. They didn’t think it was ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ at all. The show, Dancing with the Stars, was apparently not amused and had some harsh words for Kim.

An insider of the show explains that the other contestants want Rob Kardashian to be disqualified for her actions. It is cheating and whether or not Rob asked for it, it did benefit him in the end. It is yet to be seen if the show takes action against Rob Kardashian.

Should Rob stay for his dancing efforts or should he be disqualified because of Kim Kardashian?

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