Rob Kardashian Gets Violent with Paparazzi in London

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Rob Kardashian is currently in London with her sister Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Rita Ora. He has been very vocal about not wanting to follow in his sisters’ footsteps, sharing his life with the public and having his own reality show. In fact, when Rob competed on Dancing in the Stars was the first time fans saw him outside the family’s reality show where he made random appearances. He doesn’t like cameras following him around all the time and he has shut down the idea of having his own show. He would much rather be a business man like his father and live a private life.

This week when he was in London with his new girlfriend, Rita Ora, the paparazzi got too close for comfort. Rita Ora is a star herself, so he has to deal with her success along with being the brother of three famous sisters. Well, the photographers got too close to Rob Kardashian and Rita, so he hit out after the paparazzi when they were trying to get pictures up-close.

He tried to hide his face and attend the event incognito, but the media knew he was coming to support his girlfriend. The photographers even asked him why he was hiding his face as he attended Rita’s party at the Camden’s Koko last night and he simply replied that “it’s not my life.” He doesn’t want to be in the public eye, because he sees how the media is slaying his sisters everyday.

Rob has called Rita his ‘wife’ on Twitter, so he is getting very serious with her. It is no wonder he doesn’t want rumors to ruin his relationship. Do you think Rob handled it wrong by using violence to get his privacy?

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