Rob Kardashian Talks Dating and Moving to Dallas

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Rob Kardashian has opened up about his dating life and his move to Dallas. So is he in a relationship with model/singer Rita Ora? And why did he decide to make the move with Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom?

The reality show star revealed to Wetpaint that he’s single but “always looking,” so maybe he’ll find a nice Texas girl to settle down with (Lamar Odom could always try to hook him up with one of the Mavericks dancers, or maybe he’ll run into one of the gals from Bravo’s show Most Eligible Dallas). So if Rob was ever really with Rita Ora, it was just a fast fling.

Rob Kardashian also dished about why he’s moving to Dallas with Khloe and Lamar – he says he’s making the move with them because he doesn’t want Khloe “to feel alone” (awww!). Rob also believes there might be more opportunities for him in the Big D, where the Kardashians will likely open up another Dash store – it would make sense to do this since Khloe and Rob are going to need something to do all day. Plus Rob would get to meet a lot of cute girls when Khloe Kardashian starts interviewing young ladies to help her run the store – he’s hoping to meet women that are “more real” than the dime a dozen blondes with fake boobs that can be found in L.A. (he might be a little disappointed, though – plenty of Texas gals do still embrace the Dolly Parton look).

If Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian open up another Dash store in Dallas, they are definitely going to want to screen who they hire very carefully – the girls that land jobs there won’t just be Khloe’s coworkers, but her potential pals and reality show costars on Khloe and Lamar. So she and Rob will want to choose girls that are just as entertaining as Khloe and her sisters.

So do you think Rob will enjoy life in Dallas, or would he be better off staying in L.A. and giving living by himself a shot? Or do you believe that he’s actually moving to Dallas because the producers asked him to for the sake of Khloe’s reality show? Sound off in the comments!

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