Rob Kardashian Wants to be a Lawyer Says Kris Jenner

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Kris Jenner announced her son, Rob Kardashian, wants to become a lawyer like his father, the late Rob Kardashian Sr. Apparently, Rob has been wanting to go to law school but it was only after meeting Nancy Grace on Dancing with the Stars that really motivated him to move forward with his dreams.

Wow, maybe one day Kardashian Jr. will be able to help a suspected psychotic killer get out of jail too! Ah, yes, dreams are amazing, aren’t they? Overall, it’s a little funny to think about because Grace completely disagrees with Simpson’s verdict, but hey, why not inspire Kardashian Jr. to be the kind of lawyer Sr. was?

A very proud Jenner said, “Nancy Grace really encouraged him to follow that dream of his…”

Maybe Nancy Grace is looking forward to boost future rating by having Rob Kardashian Jr. argue it out with her on her HLN show. Now, that’s some strategic thinking, Grace! Chances are Kris Jenner and the Kardashian klan will still be making headlines and acting like “f***ing idiots” in a few years, so why not capitalize on it?

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