Robbers Nab 1 Million Targeted for ATMs

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In a brazen robbery where thieves climbed through the roof, at least $1 Million destined for southland ATM’s was stolen. The armored security company was hit last night at about 8:30pm PT. The address of the robbery was 12300 Barrington Street in the El Monte, CA, which is a suburb located 25 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

The area is popular for light industrial type businesses, which rely on easy access and warehouse space. It is located near main arteries as well as freeways.

armored security company

Robbers were able to gain entry from the roof top. Once inside they tied up the surprised employees. According to the Los Angeles Times, there were no injuries. What is known is at least $1 Million is missing. Authorities are scrambling to find the missing money.

The caper is being handled by Major crimes detectives with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and forensic experts. The big question is how they did get through the roof of a security company, unnoticed?

While details are very sketchy, a review of the site identifies the company as Commonwealth International. They specialize in security and armored transportation needs for businesses which rely on having their ATM’s properly stocked with cash.

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