Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Tells Children of Mary Kennedy’s Suicide

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. had the daunting task of telling his four children about their mother, Mary Kennedy’s suicide. Can you imagine having to share such devastating news with your children—despite what the relationship with their mother may have been?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Kennedy was reportedly heartbroken when he shared the news of Mary Kennedy’s death with Conor, Kyra, William and Aiden. He handled the grief by mourning right along with his children.

Peter Michaelis is a Kennedy family friend. He was present when Robert, Jr. broke the news. Fortunately it sounds like RFK, Jr.’s current girlfriend, Cheryl Hines, had the good graces to stay away.

“He looked like he was pretty much in shock,” Michaelis says. “He had just an absolutely shocked and stunned look. He could not believe it.”

Can you imagine the shock and devastation Mary Kennedy’s children have experienced, from the moment Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. broke the news to them, to this very day as they continue to mourn their mother’s tragic death?

Telling his children of their mother’s death had to be the most difficult thing Kennedy has ever done.

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