Robert Pattinson Abandons Kristen Stewart After Quarrelsome ‘Breaking Dawn 2′ Promo Tour

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Robert Pattinson won’t be seen with Kristen Stewart for a while. The Twilight heart-throb is reportedly going to abandon his reconciled lady-love to accompany his friends on a “guys only” vacation to unwind after the Breaking Dawn tour. But what does this portend for Robsten? Will their reconciliation survive the separation? Does this sudden decision have anything to do with their “blazing argument” on the red carpet at the L.A. Breaking Dawn premiere? Not to mention the rumors that Robsten’s reconciled romance is nowhere near as “blissful” as it’s been made out to be? Or is the all male vacation simply a clever way to ease these two never-really-reconciled ex-lovers out of their fake togetherness? Ouch. Hey, if the shoe fits…

Apparently, KStew will have to get used to being RPattz-less for a while. According to inside sources, “Rob’s close pals have organized a ‘boys only’ trip where the actor can relax and unwind following a hectic few months. His friends knew that it would be good to have time to unwind afterwards. They are just going to drink beer, sight-see, drive, play cards and relax. They’ve even got a campervan so they don’t have to think about booking hotels along the way.”

If any of this sounds familiar, it should. Back in the day before Robsten’s reconciliation, Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly invited Rob on an all guys island vacation where he could forget his KStew troubles. The island would presumably be equipped with hot supermodels. This new version of that story is even more interesting, because it has been frequently stated throughout the Robsten reconciliation that Pattinson’s friends neither like, trust, nor forgive Kristen Stewart. This vacation may be the perfect opportunity for them to derail the reconciliation–if indeed it ever existed.

Oh well, there you have it. Click here to watch a video about Robert Pattinson’s upcoming all male camping holiday. It all sounds very nice, but the question is: Will he return to work and his life with Kristen Stewart refreshed and invigorated as the video suggests? Or will he end up abandoning her for good?

Definitely stay tuned.

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