Robert Pattinson Abandons Kristen Stewart–Why? See Poll Results

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Although Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are both in California now, he didn’t show up at the KCAs to support her. Is he becoming a lousy or at least a lazy boyfriend? Should he have supported her even though he wasn’t nominated?

A large part of the world’s female population secretly envies Kristen Stewart her super-hot, Twilight heart-throb boyfriend. But will RPattz’s fans continue to be so hopelessly devoted after he abandoned KStew to attend the Kids Choice Awards ceremony by herself. What happened? Robsten is one of the world’s most famous couples. If it were New Year’s Eve, Rob would be Kristen’s date. So why didn’t he accompany her to the KCAs. Was he sick? Obviously not, since he was spotted and photographed on March 30 surfing in Malibu. Did he suddenly realize he had nothing suitable to wear? Or was he just sulking because, unlike his girlfriend, he wasn’t nominated for a KCA blimp?

According to Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson showed an “awful lapse in judgement…when he abandoned” KStew at the KCAs. Plus, the fact that Kristen Stewart and his other Breaking Dawn co-star Taylor Lautner both won KCAs made Rob look like a diva. And a pouty, sulky, super childish one at that.

As they tend to do with almost everything, the folks at Hollywood Life put the question of RPattz’s diva-esque behavior to a poll. The single question was: “Should Robert Pattinson have been Kristen Stewart’s date at the Kids’ Choice Awards?” A whopping 70.33 percent voted: “Yes, he should treat his girlfriend right.” Only 29.67 percent responded: “No, I prefer men who aren’t supportive.”

So, there you have it. Looks like Rob has some ‘splainin’ to do.

What do you think?

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