Robert Pattinson Acting Flashback: Before “The Twilight Saga” [Video]

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Robert Pattinson wasn’t always an insanely famous, insanely handsome movie dreamboat. In fact, in his first screen appearances, you’d hardly recognize the hunk he has transformed into today.

Long before the “Twilight” series of films launched Robert Pattinson into the stratosphere he often was casted as the nerdy, shy fellow melting into the background and afraid to approach the girls he found attractive.

Like this scene from “The Bad Mother’s Handbook” in which he plays a painfully shy buffoon pining for a classmate who basically doesn’t know he’s even alive. We’ve all been there, right?

Like most movie hunks, Pattinson suffers from critical backlash that trash his acting ability. In the movie out now, “Remember Me” whatever critics say about the weakness of the plot, Pattinson’s acting skills are getting good reviews. Even down to nailing a “New Yawk” accent, one of the hardest to pull off with authenticity.

Have a look at this scene filmed just prior to Robert Pattinson lighting the sky on fire. It shows real acting chops…

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