Robert Pattinson Admits Australia Intimidates Him–Why? (Video)

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Robert Pattinson is a pretty suave dude with millions of females vying for the chance to talk, touch or maybe even kiss him. He is regularly voted as one of the sexiest guys on the planet, but he still lacks the self-confidence to own that title. Being in Sydney, Australia is certainly not helping matters.

Rob is currently in the land down under promoting Breaking Dawn: Part 2, all by his lonesome. During a recent interview, he revealed one of his biggest fears about being in Sydney. Is he afraid of the water? Sharks maybe? It couldn’t be Kangaroos, right?

Nope. None of the above. Rob explains, “I am always so self-conscious in Australia about beaches. Everybody works out. Everybody is in good shape in Australia.” Kudos to the Australians, but Rob is not exactly a couch potato. He likes to eat and drink and will likely never have the same body as his co-star, Taylor Lautner. Rob doesn’t need it. He is still gorgeous and could walk shirtless along any beach and attract more admirers than any of those hard bodies could.

Part of Robert Pattinson’s charm is his ability to stay humble and not let all the fame get to him. It is nice to know that despite his star status, he still suffers from the same insecurities as everybody else.

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