Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene Party; Kristen Stewart Goes Home Alone

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While Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn Part 2 co-star Ashley Greene partied with friends following the VMAs, Kristen Stewart was in Toronto, and went home after her film première alone. Is this a sign that Rob is moving on with his life but Kristen isn’t?

According to a report from, Rob looked handsome as he posed for the cameras with Ashley Greene, and then a group of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast mates went to the SoHo House where they partied quietly, clearly enjoying one another’s company.

Robert Pattinson - London, United KingdomMeanwhile Kristen Stewart–alone after the TIFF–made one short statement when asked about promotion for Breaking Dawn Part 2, and now fans have her and Rob back together with everything working out just fine between the two. And that doesn’t sound like the truth.

Remember the old game of “telephone” where one person whispers something in another’s ear–and the story has changed drastically by the time it makes it around the whole circle? When Kristen Stewart told reporters that she and Rob were “just fine,” she didn’t mean they’d gotten back together. She probably meant they’d work out whatever needed doing so promotion for their film could go on as planned. But as one story led to another throughout the day, “sources” soon had the two living happily ever after.

So it still sounds like Kristen is alone and Rob–while not dating yet–is at least socializing with his Breaking Dawn Part 2 co-stars. At least that’s a start, right?

How do you think this scenario will play itself out? Will Kristen Stewart eventually crack in front of the cameras, begging Robert Pattinson to take her back? Or will he quietly meet with Kristen, far away from the paparazzi’s view, and decide one way or the other the fate of their relationship?

You can check out a shot of Rob and Ashley Greene following the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards by clicking on the link above.

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