Robert Pattinson and His ‘Homeless’ Style: Trashy or Trendy?

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Robert Pattinson may cut a brooding, hunky profile for his vampire turn with girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, while perfecting a handsome, distinguished air in other flicks like Bel Ami. But his real-life, off-set style has been anything but polished, especially recently with the British actor’s strange, sloppy ensembles and overly scruffy appearance. Perhaps he’s on to something genius and revitalizing his own version of the grunge trend. But is it too trashy to be trendy? More importantly, can Stewart possibly be an admirer of his slapdash look? There are definitely some Twi-hards and all-around Pattinson fans out there who aren’t and are who calling in a fashion foul on their favorite star.

While goes as far as to say R-Patz is dressing like a “homeless person” and that his “hotness levels” are declining quickly, one might be better off (and more PC) referring to his latest looks as simply rough and messy, and slightly hobo-ish. Robert Pattinson still has his sultry handsomeness, he’s just doing a remarkable job of covering his “hotness” under a cloak of unnecessary facial hair (ahem, a massive beard) and unusual clothes. His most recent offense came during his trip to Paris to promote Breaking Dawn, where he was spotted at the airport looking all forms of tragic with said beard and mussed-up garb. This is not the way to further the grunge fad. There must be a smidgen of that hunk factor shining through for the look to be accepted and approved.

File:Robert Pattinson Comic-Con 2011.jpg?Always one for low-key, casual style, it seems Robert Pattinson has just taken the laid-back, incognito approach a bit too far, now channeling a “lumberjack” (as humorously notes) rather than the A-list Hollywood star that he is. Still, he proved he can still clean up quite well. On Wednesday, Pattinson joined pretty co-star Ashley Greene on the red carpet in Brussels, Belgium to premiere Breaking Dawn. While he still had traces of a devil-may-care attitude about his style, his facial hair was significantly shaven off and the remainder well-groomed, while his suit (sans tie and with unbuttoned shirt) had an informal, mussed-up edge that worked. Such is the way to go trendy and not trashy!

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