Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart- Did they break up??

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Over the weekend Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke- up during the Memorial Day weekend. According to E online Robert Pattinson “already moving on with his costar Reese Witherspoon” hope the news is not true. But it turn out that Robert and Kristen are still stable and everything is fine and nothing has change between Robert and Kristen. Rumors again, I hate it when this happen. Anyway, good luck to Eclipse team. Hope they give us something even better than New Moon it just something missing there since I’m so in love with the books. I give credits to Robert and Kristen because they are playing Edward and Bella quite well but still I love Edward and Bella more

To be honest, I love those two. I just hope people would leave them alone. If they are dating, it shouldn’t be any of our businesses. Celebrities should have their own privatives personal life just like us.

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