Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Do Some ‘Bad Lip Reading’ (Video)

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart don’t really need anyone else to put words in their mouths. But, this time, it’s truly hilarious.

The YouTube channel, Bad Lip Reading, gives them the star treatment by inserting some funny, totally inappropriate lines from some of their most iconic Twilight scenes.

Usually reserved for political figures, the channel has occasionally turned to Hollywood. The uncanny thing is, substituting the real dialogue for long, moody diatribes about leftover cake and whomping on some dead fish is surprisingly effective.

And, in this case, it almost makes sense.

The voice acting is spot-on and the dialogue is brilliant. Robert Pattinson actually comes off as a decent comedian. It’s light-hearted fun which some Tweens will probably not understand, and may even be offended by.

There’s nothing like taking down movie stars a few pegs and these two have been knocked around a bit more lately than usual.

But, if they’re not talking to each other, maybe this few minutes of frivolity can break the ice before that uncomfortable walk down the red carpet for the next installment of Twilight opens in November?

Let them eat cake?

Here’s the video:

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