Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Insulted by Famous Fellow “Vampire” Star?

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not lacking in the fan club department, with a crush of admirers who not only love them as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga, but also follow the couple’s off-screen love story and their respective roles outside of the vampire world (Stewart’s racking up the buzz for her upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman and Pattinson has been turning heads with Bel Ami!). But not everyone is Team Edward, or Team Twilight, for that matter. In fact, there may be one fellow star, who ironically has even explored her own vampy side, who is not going gaga for the popular series.

As Hollywood Life reports, Kate Beckinsale was not shy in standing on the “anti” side of the franchise, revealing just why she’s not such a fan. “[My daughter Lily] read Twilight and was completely obsessed with them. It actually almost ruined Christmas one year because all she wanted to do was be a vampire and she didn’t want anything on her Christmas list,” the actress admitted.

File:Edward Bella.PNGThere are probably more than a few who can relate to Beckinsale’s situation. What used to perhaps be a juvenile obsession with Disney princesses and Power Rangers has transitioned to the Twilight factor and now The Hunger Games. Kids can get so intrigued and “stuck on” certain fads for awhile, it has to be rather annoying for the parental set. She wasn’t really dissing the movie or its actors, just voicing her own personal experience.

Kate Beckinsale really got hit with a double-whammy, too. As Hollywood Life reminds, she played a vampire vixen in the Underworld series, so with that and her daughter’s Twilight infatuation, she really cannot be blamed for being so over it. It’s obvious she has nothing against the handsome Robert Pattinson (although she did once jokingly say she could definitely take him on in a fight!) or Kristen Stewart, she just won’t be standing in line for the midnight debut showing of Breaking Dawn: Part Two—that is, unless her daughter convinces her to!

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