Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Their ‘Breaking Dawn’ Co-Stars Speak Out On Their Future Together!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have had no shortage of commentators willing to talk about their distressed situation; one that has found her infidelity perhaps providing an impasse that will put an end to the couple seemingly destined to be together since their early days on The Twilight Saga set. Fans and followers, relationship and body language experts and even some of Pattinson and Stewart’s more brash celebrity colleagues (generally the comedians) have dared to give their take on the cheating scandal.

And while early reports suggested that Robsten’s Twilight co-stars were under a gag order of sorts, ordered not to say anything about the series’ main couple during this tumultuous time, a few have recently broken their silence about Pattinson and Stewart’s future together and what it means for the Breaking Dawn-Part 2 premiere in November.

For Judy Shekoni (Zafrina) and Marisa Quinn (Hullen), there’s no place for an attitude of doom and gloom. At The Songbirds album release party, Shekoni told Celebuzz, “I think that Twilight is so big that nothing can affect it. I think it’s going to be a huge success and I think that everything that was shot will stand for itself. Twi-hards are completely and utterly in support… They’re constantly talking about how they can’t wait for the premiere, so we have so much support that I think it’s undeniable it’s going to be a huge success.”

Shekoni certainly is thinking happy thoughts–and she’s probably right that Breaking Dawn-Part 2 will be another blockbuster regardless of the personal plight of its main stars.

File:Edward Bella.PNGTaking her commentary a step further, Quinn was not shy in addressing Kristen Stewart’s infidelity to Robert Pattinson directly. And her prognosis was no less positive. Of the upcoming B.D. premiere, she said to Celebuzz, “I think by then that’s several months away and they [Pattinson and Stewart] are just such professionals and ultimately they’re amazing human beings. They’re wonderful people, and I think that it’s all going to work itself out.”

Regardless if this is what Quinn really thinks or if she’s just playing the good PR card, it’s refreshing to have some encouraging and optimistic chatter circulating throughout this challenging time for Pattinson and Stewart, as well as for the other party involved: Rupert Sanders and his wife, Liberty Ross.

However, one Twilight actor played it smart, too, by keeping his mouth shut. As Hollywood Life reports, Amadou Ly (Henri) only tweeted his thoughts: “I am all about entertaining and making people laugh but certain things are just NONE OF MY BUSINESS to comment about.#RespectPeople’sprivacy.” And with those 140 characters or less, he had plenty of wisdom to share.

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