Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tied on ‘Young and Rich’ List

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are tied on Forbes’ Young and Rich List. The Breaking Dawn co-stars have been making some serious bank, raking in millions for the Twilight films and for their other projects. The real life couple are tied on the list, making $20M a piece, more than Miley Cyrus and less than Rihanna.

With their upcoming projects Edward Bella(Cosmopolis for RPattz and Snow White for KStew), the pair could find themselves a lot higher on that list in 2012. It is unlikely that the two made the most money of their careers doing the Twilight films, because that was really their “break” in to the business.

While the phenomenon might be over in another year, these two are going to make their marks in film for many years to come. It’s unknown if they will be as popular as they are now (and if they break up? Forget it), but expect them to make millions – and appear on Forbes’ Young and Rich List – for a while.

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