Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Win MTV Best Kiss Award? The Black Keys Comment

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Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart win the Best Kiss at this year’s MTV Movie Awards 2012 show on Sunday night? That’s the question that was posed to rockers The Black Keys by the MTV crew, but does the duo favor the “Twilight” stars to win?

With the MTV Movie Awards winner for Best Hero seeming to be a lock, will it be a “lip-lock” for Stewart and Pattinson to win Best Kiss? Many “Twilight” fans think so, and that would make for their fourth win in a row. That makes Edward Cullen and Bella Swan the masters of kissing when it comes to MTV Movie Awards. Even one of their fellow nominees, Channing Tatum, believes they will get the win, because they always do.

However, the question was posed to rock group The Black Keys, who didn’t necessarily agree or disagree. They’ll be performing their song “Gold on the Ceiling” for Sunday night’s show, as part of a presentation for Johnny Depp. When asked about their thoughts on the Best Kiss category, Patrick Carney said, “I’m so worried about how we’re going to vote for Best Kiss.” They also added that they feel comfortable in these environments, joking “You might not know this, but we were child stars.”

Ok so they may not be huge Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fans. In the video below you can see the interviewer asking them, “Do you think R Pattz and K-Stew can take it for a fourth year in a row?” The response is a dumbfounded, “what did you just say?” Classic stuff from a great band who is set to rock the house tonight. Whether or not they voted for Best Kiss or not, it’s best to leave making music to them, rather than figuring out movie awards!

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