Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner dating – Kristen Stewart say it ain’t so!?!

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It ain’t so.  This isn’t Kristen Stewart either, but isn’t it funny how closely fiction ties in with celebrity gossip and rumors?  Ever since the recent 82nd Oscars and the new Twilight Eclipse movie trailer arrived the net has been flooded with speculations.  Is Taylor Lautner dating Kristen Stewart, or are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dating? Maybe it’s possible that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are dating, and Kristen Stewart is simply their smokescreen.  She’s friends with both guys and realizes that the Team Jacob and Team Edward fans would drink their own blood if they learned a truth like that.  Plus if fans knew they’d never be able to watch a Twilight movie in quite the same way.  However, they could add a new twist to the Twilight films and make for the hottest male couple on screen since Chuck and Larry.  A sort of Brokeback Mountain meets Twilight saga.

The internet has been a breeding ground for celeb dating rumors for a long time, with Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson the unfortunate “victims” of a “who’s dating who” love triangle lately.  It’s doubtful these mega-stars mind it much, because the buzz helps propel their movie and acting careers.  We’ve seen the pictures, the videos, the looks and the touches.  It all helps lend credibility to the Twilight movie’s love triangle that fans flock to watch unfold on screen, making it such a blockbuster film franchise.   Pattinson and Stewart were pretty big with Twilight, but once the sequel hit, the shirtless Jacob Black scenes helped Taylor Lautner’s career skyrocket.  At one time he was said to be in a relationship with that other famous Taylor, Miss Swift.  Now he’s been seen at various locations with Kristen Stewart and the gossip begins.  It all takes attention away from a possible Lautner-Pattinson behind-the-scenes fling too.

Don’t worry Team Edward and Team Jacob fans, just like the Twilight movies this is a work of fiction.  No need to rip down your Edward Cullen vampire posters or throw out your Jacob Black werewolf lunchboxes.  Even though a few of the new Eclipse trailer scenes in the preview show Jacob shirtless, and what looks like Edward and Jacob joining hands, it appears that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are not dating.  No same sex marriage is in the works for Edward and Jacob.  One of the two Hollywood heartthrobs is dating Kristen Stewart, as far as we know.  However, just like in the movies never count out a surprise twist or ending such as Pattinson and Lautner dating, with K-Stewart helping them fool Twilight fans everywhere.  But also don’t believe everything you see or read.  Feel free to join, new members are always welcome…

Disclaimer: No werewolves, vampires and hopefully no Team Edward or Team Jacob fans were hurt during this article.

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