Robert Pattinson Beats ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Contenders for ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ (Photo)

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Robert Pattinson has just been named the world’s sexiest man in a Glamour Magazine poll. He’s held that title for some time, but this year the troubled Breaking Dawn heart-throb beat out some extremely stiff competition, five of whom are highly touted contenders for the coveted titular role in the eagerly awaited movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Yes, for the fourth consecutive year, Kristen Stewart’s once and hopefully future beau has been chosen as the Sexiest Man in the World in a Glamour Magazine-conducted poll. That’s quite an honor—especially considering the competition, which includes his fellow Twilight heart-throb, Taylor Lautner. For reasons known only to the poll’s 40,000 respondents, TLaut trailed far behind RPattz in seventh place. Last year, he placed second. Ouch. Second place this year went to Tom Hiddleston, the Avengers guy, who was followed in third place by the aging, scrofulous, yellow-toothed Johnny Depp. Eeewww. Trailing Depp were Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch—whoever he is—and Robert Downey Jr. How Depp and Downy managed to beat out Taylor Lautner will forever remain one of the universe’s great mysteries.

Even more mysterious than Lautner’s seventh place were the pathetically poor showings of several other gentlemen who share the distinction of being fan favorites or at least honorable mentions in the race to play Christian Grey. Superman’s Henry Cavill came in at an unimpressive number ten, and the True Blood star, Alexander Skarsgaard limped in at a depressing number fourteen. Chris Hemsworth did even worse at number nineteen, and his Hunger Games star brother, Liam Hemsworth, failed to make it into the top twenty. What will Miley Cyrus say? Alas, the two most shocking losers—er—men who failed to garner high placings were, ironically, the stars who have been the most highly touted as frontrunners to play Christian Grey. The Vampire Diaries‘ Ian Somerhalder came in at an embarrassing twelfth. And Ryan Gosling was a truly pathetic seventeenth.

So, there you have it. Robert Pattinson has reportedly claimed to have little or no interest in Fifty Shades of Grey. However, he has also given interviews where he seemed miffed at being “banned” from the Christian role by the author E. L. James. The Glamour poll should make him feel better.

You can check out pics of Rob looking pleased with himself as well as just plain sexy below.

Note to Taylor Lautner: Keep your head up, Honey. There’s always next year.

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