Robert Pattinson Bites Baby (Video)

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Robert Pattinson has said and, presumably done, some weird things. And he’s made sure the world found out about most of them. This time, however, he’s gone way over the top, but he has an excuse. A fan made him do it.

Recently, Robert Pattinson sat down with his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, at Comic-Con for an interview with Cineplex. One of the first questions he was asked was to name his most memorably bizarre encounter with a twi-hard fan. Ever. This was a no doubt daunting task since those twi-hards can be an eccentric bunch. Anyhow, Rob chose to talk about a fan he met during the shooting of the first Twilight film.

One day, a fan who’d been waiting outside the Twilight filming handed an assistant director her three-month old baby. The director brought the baby to Rob who didn’t quite know what he was supposed to do with it. He assumed the woman wanted him to sign his autograph on her baby. But that wasn’t it. She wanted a photo of Robert Pattinson with her baby. Never one to disappoint, R-Pattz did her one better. He posed for a picture of himself biting the baby.

“I didn’t really understand the reality of the situation, at that point,” Rob explained.

“You bit the baby?” asks a disconcerted Kristen Stewart.

“Yeah,” replies her boyfriend.

“That’s so weird,” Kristen mutters.

Rob went on to explain that he didn’t literally bite the baby. He just bent over it, fangs bare, looking as if he was about to bite it. Then, he forgot all the about the incident until the video went viral online.

“It’s kind of a funny picture,” Pattinson recalls. “The baby is so young the entire head fit into my mouth.”

“I’m sure that’s not true!” Kristen giggles.

If, like Kristen Stewart, you doubt Robert Pattinson’s veracity, you can watch the interview on the video below and decide for yourself.

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