Robert Pattinson Bloodied and Seething?

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Robert Pattinson appears bloodied and seething mad in new photos that have just shown up on the internet. Did Rob get into some sort of fight? What on earth happened to him?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Rob is just fine. The new photos online are stills from his upcoming film Bel Ami. The do provide fans with a really excellent idea of Rob’s demeanor in the role of Georges Duroy in the movie.

Robert PattinsonSome people might be sorely disappointed when they see the film. Used to Rob’s incredibly handsome smile, it doesn’t surface often at all in Bel Ami. Instead, the Twilight hunk and boyfriend of Twilight’s Kristen Stewart appears to wear a perpetual scowl on his face throughout most of the movie.

Even if you have no plans to see Bel Ami once it’s released, you really must check out these photos of Robert Pattinson. All you need to do to view them is click here.

The photos are a bit disconcerting, aren’t they? Gone is the boyish smile, the handsome eyes and the incredible sex appeal that Rob exudes in both real life and in the Twilight series of films. In its place is a hardened man with vacant eyes that appear to reflect down deep into his equally vacant soul.

Robert Pattinson would have to put a bag over his head to hide every trace of his handsomeness, so a little bit does shine through. But overall he has become Georges Duroy in these photos–and of course in the film–leaving the Rob everyone loves to temporarily exist only in the backs of their minds.

But isn’t that one of the signs of a very talented actor?

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