Robert Pattinson Can Now Talk Sexy to You in Your Bedroom (Audio)

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Robert Pattinson’s fans seem to have surpassed Justin Bieber’s Beliebers in their creativity. The Twihards have found a new way to fantasize about their idol. They can now download RPattz soundbites and groove along with his voice.

Unbelievable as it sounds, RPattz’s fans can now drift to sleep while listening to the sound of his sexy voice in the privacy of their own bedrooms. A collection of soundbites from Pattinson’s eagerly awaited film Cosmopolis has just hit the fan sites. Imagine the sheer erotic luxury of listening to the Twilight heart-throb utter such tantalizing lines as “Wanna haircut,” and “The logical extension of business is murder.” Yes, the bad news is that, although all the lines are delivered in RPattz’s inimitably sexy voice, some of them just aren’t very sexy in terms of content. The good news is, that all are delivered in his perfect Cosmopolis American accent. More good news is that some of them are at least borderline sexy. “I need anything you can give me” and “Makes me feel free in a way I’ve never known” are two examples. Hey, so it’s not erotic poetry. It’s Robert Pattinson intoning sweet nothings from across the pillow.

Enjoy the RPattz soundbite below. You can check out the others by clicking here.

Note: Wonder if Kristen Stewart has some for the nights that they spend apart?

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