Robert Pattinson Caught Hugging Rihanna Backstage at VMAs—What Will Chris Brown Say? (Video)

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Robert Pattinson and Rihanna were spotted hugging each other backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards. That’s very interesting since rumor has it that the “Birthday Cake” singer has been sending RPattz a slew of “funny, sexy” texts—ostensibly in an effort to help him recover from his heartbreak over Kristen Stewart’s cheating. RihRih reportedly had a crush on Rob, but Rob was reportedly “resisting”—whatever that means. It’s also interesting that the Twilight heart-throb revealed himself as unabashedly Team Rihanna in an MTV interview two weeks ago. Although he admitted he hadn’t even seen his BFF Katy Perry’s video, he loved Rihanna’s.

“I also … like Rihanna’s [‘We Found Love’] video as well,” gushed the Cosmopolis man. “…it’s cool. It’s got, like, good colors. It’s pretty.”

And now, two weeks later, Robert Pattinson is spotted hugging it out with the Barbadian songstress in the midst of a crowd of onlookers backstage at the VMAs. So does this mean that Kristen Stewart’s cuckold and Chris Brown’s used and abused ex might actually find love?

Well, anything is possible. But as you can see on the video below, the hug they shared wasn’t exactly a passionate one. It could more accurately be described as polite. It was also quick. Of course, they couldn’t exactly have a prolonged make-out session right there in the middle of the crowd, especially since they were moving in opposite directions, and Rihanna was dragging a large entourage along with her. They did single each other out of the crowd immediately, and went straight for the clinch. And the way RihRih’s face lit up at the sight of Rob certainly made it look like more than a just a friendly, photo-op hug —without a past or a future. But who knows?

Speaking of hugs with a past, Rihanna also hugged Chris Brown onstage earlier in the evening. Yikes. What will Mr. Breezy think of his former lady-love and the new millennium matinée idol zeroing in on each other for some touch-feely time—however brief—backstage. Considering his reputation for being jealous over his ex, his reaction probably won’t be positive. Remember what happened with Drizzy Drake?

Stay tuned.

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