Robert Pattinson Caught Looking Sexy, but Depressed and Annoyed in NYC (Photos)

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Robert Pattinson claimed he was emotionally “fine” in a post-Cosmopolis première interview. Sadly, he didn’t really look it when he was snapped by the paps and some fans on the streets of New York City on August 14. Although from a distance, he seemed his usual casually glamorous, laid back yet stunningly sexy self, a close examination of his countenance showed that the Twilight heart-throb looked preoccupied, annoyed, and even downright depressed. Is he still having trouble adjusting to life without Kristen Stewart? Or is he trying to decide whether or not they have a chance at a reconciliation?

As you can see on the photo below, Rob managed to look “swaggy” and elegant in a white tee-shirt and jeans as he headed to a waiting vehicle. He also looks anxious, preoccupied, and moody as hell as he ignores the coterie of adoring fans gathered behind him to snap pics. His facial expression and demeanor are reminiscent of the young Montgomery Clift whose persona epitomized physical beauty and psychological turmoil both on and off the screen. In some of the other pics, Rob seems to be staring worriedly at his phone. Wonder if Kristen Stewart is still trying to call him? You can see all the “tee-shirt Rob” pics by clicking here.

Unfortunately, RPattz doesn’t look any happier in photos taken later that night. Clad in a black shirt, jeans, and a white baseball cap, he looks angry, yet somewhat bewildered as he strides through the night with someone who appears to be a bodyguard. Yikes. Maybe he shouldn’t have answered that phone. You can see more pics of “white baseball cap Rob” by clicking here.

Poor Robert Pattinson. Or not. Maybe he’s just tired. oh well, at least in the second set of photos, he’s clean-shaven.

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