Robert Pattinson Chases Justin Bieber with 2 Major Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Is Robert Pattinson suddenly chasing Justin Bieber? The Twilight heart-throb has had two recent wardrobe malfunctions. In one, he dropped his pants exposing his underwear. More recently, he was caught with his fly unzipped in an interview. Yikes.

At least, when Justin Bieber is photographed with an unzipped fly, he’s performing onstage. Not so with Kristen Stewart’s ex. On August 15, the Cosmopolis man was caught with his fly unzipped during a New York Times Talks session. As was wryly observed, perhaps he was “too busy keeping his mouth shut about his relationship with Kristen Stewart” to notice. Such an oversight was rare for Pattinson who usually seems to have it all together. Even when he’s dressed down in “grunge chic,” he’s never neglected to zip up his pants. Apparently, there’s a first time for everything. RPattz was dressed casually, but nicely, in “a striped polo shirt, sneakers, and a backwards baseball cap.” Embarrassingly for him, he’d forgotten to double-check himself below the belt.

So, there you have it. Sort of. However, a slew of unanswered questions remain. Is Robert Pattinson really chasing the “Boyfriend” singer? It’s highly unlikely that he’d start doing that at this late date. Was he drunk? That’s very possible. He was spotted bar-hopping on several occasions in New York last week. Or is he simply stressed out and depressed about his personal life?

What do you think?

Note: Click here to see a photo of RPattz with an unzipped fly. You can check out his underwear exposed by his falling pants in the pic below.

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