Robert Pattinson Compares Himself to Jesus — Funny or Blasphemy?

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What does Robert Pattinson have in common with the late, great former Beatle and music icon John Lennon? Well, besides being an iconic British celebrity, rich beyond the dreams of avarice, and famous beyond the desires of narcissism, not much. Until recently. In an interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Rob compared himself to Jesus. In fact, he referred to himself and his uber famous public persona as “the new messiah.” Oops. Oh, no he didn’t.

Oh yes, he did. Kristen Stewart’s loose-lipped–er–loquacious ex, did a John Lennon–sort of. It all started when Rob started talking rather gloomily about how it felt to have reached the ripe old age of 27. Apparently, he’s a bit worried because “…everything’s been going far too well for far too long, and [he wonders] if this isn’t the prelude to something terrible.” Of course, it doesn’t help, he continued, that the press has already designated a “successor” named Douglas Booth to become the new “young” Robert Pattinson. (Ouch!) When the interviewer asked if he himself hadn’t been “made out to be someone’s heir when he started out,” the Dior homme replied:

“Sure, Jesus’. The new messiah.”


According to Marie Claire, Rob burst out laughing after making that outrageous comment, but still, even as a joke, it’s more than awkward. It comes off as offensively arrogant, not to mention creepy. And although Rob is known for his eccentric sense of humor, hopefully, the joke won’t come back to haunt him in the future.

So there you have it? Was Rob’s Jesus/Messiah comment funny or offensive? What do you think?

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