Robert Pattinson Could Land Role of Dreams

Robert Pattinson could still land the role of his dreams in the upcoming biopic, Jeff Buckley. Despite an earlier report that the actor was crushed when he learned that Penn Badgley scored the role, the casting for the film has actually not been completed yet.
Robert Pattinson Cropped
“When you have a story about an individual like Jeff you get a lot of interest because his life was so impactful and so short. We’re being very careful about it as we move forward. It takes a while to perfect this type of film. You’ve got to do it for the right reasons,” explained co-producer Orion Williams. He also added that the casting for Jeff Buckley won’t officially be done until the fall.

This is great news for RPattz and his fans! It is believed that he really wants this role, as he relates to the main character who is a musician, not unlike himself. This role would really be huge for Rob, as he has yet to film a biopic, and it would really showcase his talents.

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