Robert Pattinson Crushes Reconciliation Rumors

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Robert Pattinson is still hiding after Kristen Stewart got busted cheating on him. Although he is not the one who did anything wrong, he is understandably feeling a little embarrassed. The second he shows his face in public, he will be plagued with questions about the status of his relationship. He may have just sent a pretty clear message to those who were hoping for a reconciliation between Rob and Kristen.

Immediately following Kristen’s confession and public apology, Rob packed a couple of bags and left the house. Kristen followed suit the next day. Since they both only left with what they could carry, Robsten fans were hoping the time apart was a temporary cooling-off period. It does not appear that is the case at all.

On Saturday afternoon, a U-Haul van was spotted at the home Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shared in Hollywood. Once the truck was loaded up, another larger moving truck pulled in and was parked in the driveway for hours. The moving truck indicates one of them is making the move permanent. It also suggests the two will not be getting back together anytime soon. It is probably for the best.

Rob has several movies lined up and will hopefully be able to throw himself into his work as he lets his heart heal.

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