Robert Pattinson Cuffed by ‘Fashion Police’

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Robert Pattinson was reviewed by the Fashion Police this weekend as he emerged from his man cave for the Cosmopolis premiere. Indeed, the E! Entertainment Television crew who get together to judge who looks good and who does not certainly were in RPattz’ corner.

To be sure, as this recently cheated-on actor went out to greet his fans after holing up for a while, the British hunk was wearing a blue Gucci suit that looked “terrific,” according to Joan Rivers.

The head arbiter of the sartorially centered show said that the slim look of this particular star’s style choice was ideal, even though she said that the darker blue shirt paired with the lighter blue suit was a little “matchy matchy.” But that remark was just a set up for one of Joan’s usual jokes, one that is too trashy to mention here.

That said, George Kotsiopoulos called this particular style on Robert Pattinson to be “great.” The style master said that Rob is tall and slim, owning the physique of “a super model.” And so, with this arsenal as part and parcel to his handsome body, the very discerning George K. thought he looked “absolutely incredible.”

Then judge Giuliana Rancic weighed in, saying that typically, when a woman goes through a breakup, she looks amazing when she goes out in public for the first time. But, said Rancic, this doesn’t happen so often with men. That is, men other than this Twilight star.

In fact, in his case and according to Rancic, Rob looked “breakup hot” as he walked the red carpet for his premiere of Cosmopolis in New York City. Indeed, Guiliana said Robert Pattinson “rocked it.”

With that said, do you agree with the Fashion Police? Do you think this big star looked even better than usual during his first outing after splitting from his long time love, Kristen Stewart? Thoughts?

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