Robert Pattinson Dead?

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Is Robert Pattinson dead? Nope, he sure isn’t, though that’s the rumor floating around online today. He allegedly died of a heroin overdose. Celebrity dead hoaxes sure are popular this year, huh?

This latest death hoax is undoubtedly a twist on the rumor that his character Edward Cullen gets killed off in Eclipse. But it’s a stretch to think that a vampire who “sparkles” in daylight will take getting killed so easily. In the movie, directed by David Slade, Bella is in danger as Seattle is hit with a bunch of mysterious killings. She’s forced to choose between her friendship with Jacob and her love for Edward.

New Moon, the upcoming sequel, hits theaters on November 19, 2009. Eclipse is currently in production with a tentative release date of June 30, 2010.

source: The Examiner

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