Robert Pattinson Demands Kristen Stewart Quit Googling Herself

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Robert Pattinson loves Kristen Stewart and it pains him to see her in such misery. The misery is the handy work of mean-spirited and downright malicious comments made about her by anonymous people and posted online. Some opinions and hateful words are coming from fellow celebrities, which seems rather childish.

Apparently, Rob is tired of seeing Kristen hurt and has demanded she stop beating herself up. An insider reveals, “Kristen is hooked on Googling herself and seeing all of the horrible stuff people write as a way of punishing herself.” Ouch! Some of the things that have been written and posted online are extremely nasty. Reading through all the hate cannot be good for one’s self-confidence.

Rob feels, “It’s not healthy and Robert has said it must stop.” Good for him. Kristen made a mistake and because of her celebrity status, everybody knows about it. Stuff happens. Now it is time to move on and ignore all the haters who are upset by her success. Apparently, “When Kristen searches results about the films or her name on Twitter she ends up focusing on all the wild, negative comments against her and it really gets her down.”

Thankfully, it sounds like Rob is there to guide her, “Robert has told her she needs to stop torturing herself and move on.” Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are reportedly patching things up between them. Kristen need only concern herself about what Rob thinks about the situation. What’s done is done and the only thing left to do is learn from it and move on.

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