Robert Pattinson devastated over lost role?

Robert Pattinson is reportedly devastated after he didn’t get a role in an upcoming biopic. The British actor wanted to play the main character, famous musician, Jeff Buckley, in fact, sources say he was “obsessed” with the role.
Robert Pattinson Cropped
According to sources, RPattz “is devastated he’s lost out on the one role he really wanted. It was down to Rob, James Franco, and Penn for the part, and Rob was really pushing himself to get it.”

So who beat RPattz out? Penn Badgley. While it may have been a blow to RPattz’s ego, most casting personnel know what they are looking for and what types of actors will best suit their films. There was obviously something that Rob was missing that caused him to not get the part. He has been pretty fortunate in the roles that he has landed, so hopefully he realizes that the road to (in and around) Hollywood isn’t always paved in gold. That’s what they say anyway.

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