Robert Pattinson did not buy Kristen a ‘promise ring’

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Contrary to reports, Robert Pattinson did not buy Kristen Stewart a “promise ring” for her 21st birthday. Several outlets are claiming that RPattz purchased a diamond bobble for his lady love, and that it means they are getting one step closer to marriage.

The trEdward Bellauth is that Pattinson did not buy a “promise ring.” According to Gossip Cop, OK! Magazine fabricated the story, and there is no actual evidence of any jewelry being purchased for KStew…and certainly no “promise ring.”

It is not surprising that the media jumped all over this story. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s uber-private romance is hot news and everyone seems to want the latest details on the Breaking Dawn stars. It is very believable that Rob would buy Kristen a ring, but unfortunately, you can’t believe everything that you read.

So, Rob and Kristen are together as far as the public knows. Kristen did turn 21, but Rob did not buy her a ring.

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