Robert Pattinson Did Not Dump Kristen Stewart For Caitlin Cronenberg

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If Robert Pattinson dumps Kristen Stewart, it will not be for Caitlin Cronenberg. Like most of the break up rumors about R-Pattz and K-Stew, this rumor is just that—a rumor. As in untrue, a fabrication, false.

Despite allegations to the contrary, Robert Pattinson has not been “cozying up” to his director, David Cronenberg’s daughter. Although Caitlin, whose brunette hair and facial features are oddly reminiscent of Kristen Stewart’s, works as a photographer on the Cosmopolis set, she has never once been photographed or even spotted with Rob off the set. Most of Pattinson’s reported partying at clubs like the Dakota Tavern and Goodnight seems to be of the boys’-night-out variety. Furthermore, according to inside sources, Caitlin has “a boyfriend who she is always talking about, a lawyer.” Although Caitlin Cronenberg has made no comment about the alleged Robert Pattinson affair, the 26-year-old is reportedly beginning to get upset by all the media and Internet gossip that she and the Twilight heart-throb are dating. Because they’re not. So far, she has refused to comment publicly on the nonsense.

So, it looks like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still steady as they go despite their long separation and the myriad of rumors running rampant about fights, cheating, and other unseemly shenanigans. Perhaps the rumor mill should lay off the Breaking Dawn couple for a while. As the old saying goes, it ain’t over til it’s over. Til then, the world will just have to wait.

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