Robert Pattinson Dishes on His Emotional State After Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal (Video)

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In a recent interview, Robert Pattinson finally talked about his reportedly unstable, depressed emotional state in the wake of the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders cheating scandal. Or did he?

After his historic, in its own way, red carpet walk at the NYC Cosmopolis première, Pattinson and his director, David Cronenberg sat down for an interview with Showbiz Tonight. As always, the Twilight heart-throb seemed reluctant to discuss his personal life. When asked if he was “O.K.,” he laughingly and somewhat sheepishly, muttered: “Yeah.”

Apparently unconvinced by his auto-response answer, the interviewer forged on.

“Was it weird,” she asked, “to see all the hubbud, all this reporting about you? There were reports about you drinking and you wallowing in misery, and yet, here you are today and you look absolutely fine.”

“Well, I mean,” waffled Rob shaking his head and rubbing his nose (nervously?), “since the first Twilight, you enter this weird realm where you get stuff reported about you and it’s weird.”

“It’s a very abstract realm,” Cronenberg chimed in as if on cue. “that doesn’t really have a lot to do with the person’s reality. People think they know what’s going on but they don’t.”

“You start having total dissociation,” added Rob. “And on top of that, people make it up anyway as they go along. It doesn’t make any difference.”

“So you just laugh it off?” queried the undaunted reporter. “I mean are you really O.K.”

And Rob, still shaking his head, rubbing his nose, and laughing, replied: “Umm…yeah.”

So, there you have it. Robert Pattinson doesn’t talk about his personal life and feelings even when he pretends to talk about his personal life and feelings.

Whatever. You can watch Rob dodge the interviewer’s questions with David Cronenberg’s help on the video below. Stay tuned.

Note to RPattz: Duh. Maybe people wouldn’t make things up about you if you actually answered their questions.

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