Robert Pattinson Dissed by ‘Twilight’ Director? Kristen Stewart Angry?

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Believe it or not, Robert Pattinson was recently dissed by his Twilight director. That’s right. In a recent interview, Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first Twilight Saga film, indirectly dissed Rob when she gushed about how much she liked Kristen Stewart’s former boyfriend, Michael Angarano, and how deeply she regretted their break-up. Which, of course, means she’s not all that happy about R-Pattz and K-Stew’s ongoing romance. Oops.

Ironically, Catherine Hardwicke is indirectly responsible for Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s relationship. It was Hardwicke who cast Rob as Edward Cullen in Twilight, thereby making him a world-famous and widely sought after leading man. Of course, neither Catherine nor anyone else could have foreseen that while filming Twilight, Rob would meet a young actress named Kristen Stewart who would fall in love with him and dump—er—stop dating her former beau, Michael Angarano. The rest as they say is history. A history for which Hardwicke feels both guilty and responsible. In fact she blames herself for K-Stew and Angarano’s break-up.

“He’s a wonderful actor,” Catherine revealed in an interview at Sundance Film Festival. “He was in Dogtown, one of my favorites, so I felt pretty bad because I love him and they were such a great couple.”

Yikes. Obviously Catherine Hardwicke made the right professional decision in casting Robert Pattinson in Twilight, but her comments about guilt and regret for bringing Rob and Kristen Stewart together seem a tad disrespectful. Could it be that she has something against R-Pattz for some other reason? Or was she just strolling down memory lane and her words about loving K-Stew and Angarano as a couple were misunderstood? And what about Kristen Stewart? Will she be angry at Hardwicke’s comments?

What do you think?

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