Robert Pattinson disses Edward Cullen

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Robert Pattinson totally dissed Edward Cullen, his vampire counterpart in Breaking Dawn. The actor doesn’t think too highly of the romantic, old-fashioned bloodsucker, and he isn’t holding back when it comes to how he really feels.
Robert Pattinson Cropped
“Look, there are a lot of moments when Edward sort of acts like a pussy…I mean, throughout the whole series,” RPattz tells Entertainment Weekly. Wow, that’s pretty harsh, isn’t it? Fans just love Edward Cullen and it is surprising that Pattinson would think of him so negatively! The character is just super sensitive and loving… he has a big heart despite not having a heart at all… apparently that’s acting like a “pussy” according to Rob!

Are you surprised that Pattinson has such an opinion on Edward Cullen? Do you think that the vampire is “weak” in any way? This interview with Entertainment Weekly (which includes Kristen Stewart) is going to be worth the read for all Twi-Hards!

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