Robert Pattinson ditches scrub look for ‘Cosmopolis’

Robert Pattinson walks on the set of Cosmopolis looking like a scrub who hasn’t showered in weeks, and is quickly transformed in to a sleek business man! The British actor cleans up ever-so-nicely and looks so handsome in the stills from the film.
Robert Pattinson Cropped
The Twilight Saga star’s transformation into his character Eric Packer [is amazing]. His hair and wardrobe team a miracle workers,” says Entertainment Wise – and they could not be more right! A lot of people think that it is so easy for a guy to go from scruff to “yes please,” but really, RPattz makes a pretty good transformation in movies. Of course the camera is probably catching him falling out of bed in the morning, but still.

The difference between male and female actors is that it probably doesn’t take hours for Rob to look like Mr. Sexy Pants. He’s probably in and out of his dressing trailer in an hour. Women can take hours, which is why most of them have to show up to set earlier than others in the film.

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