Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Care Much About Success

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Robert Pattinson is very famous and quite successful, but if it all ended tomorrow, would he care? He says that he “wouldn’t cry about it,” suggesting that he may actually welcome the time to regain his privacy and to just live his life. Of course he has already made enough money that he wouldn’t have to worry about anything… perhaps that has something to do with his nonchalant attitude.
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“For now, I know that I’m successful. Will it last? I have no idea, but if tomorrow I encounter movie failures, I won’t cry about it (sic),” said Rob (via Hollywood Life).

Robert Pattinson probably realizes that he can’t turn back now, not after becoming one of the hottest men in Hollywood. Even if Rob had a movie that flopped, he still would be famous… there’s a fat chance that people would just forget about him. Nonetheless, you can tell that he would love to just disappear for a bit… especially after the past few months.

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